Slicker than your average

Deep Lore
Immersive Gameplay
P2P Interaction
Free Ephemeral NFT
Never Ending Tales
Instant Utility for Your Community.

Inter-Community Engagement

Community Engagement Dive into a lively community where every player's actions shape the world!

Collaborate with friends, participate in thrilling events, and witness how your contributions resonate across the Secret World universe, fostering connections and sparking rivalries

Uncover the secrets of Verdanth from its rich lore and break new grounds.

Deep and Intriguing Lore

Uncover the secrets of The Secret World's intricate lore, where each character, artifact, and location holds hidden stories waiting to be revealed.

Embark on quests that delve deep into ancient legends, leaving you captivated and eager for more.

Experience the thrill of adventure as you journey into the unknown

Immersive Gameplay

Explore gameplay like never before, where your decisions carry weight and your skills are put to the test.

From strategic gameplay and resource management to epic battles and intricate puzzles, The Secret World offers an immersive experience that keeps you engaged.

Connect and collaborate with other players, sharing ideas and in-game items.

Player-to-player Interaction

Engage in a dynamic marketplace where you can trade items, barter for resources, and negotiate deals directly with other players.

The Secret World's P2P interaction ensures a thriving economy fueled by player creativity and collaboration.

No grinding, no whitelist, participate and claim.

Begin with a Free EphemeralSOTW NFT!

Start your journey with a complimentary Ephemeral NFT—a unique digital asset that evolves and grows as you play.

These limited-time collectibles come with exclusive benefits and serve as the perfect introduction to The Secret World's enchanting world. Don't miss out on owning a piece of this magical realm!

A Never ending, ever renewing Treasure hunt..

The Giveaways are here to stay!

We don't just mean the here and now, we mean even here on the home page, there are Treasures waiting to be uncovered and their rewards claimed.

For at this moment there lies hidden 10,000 Seeds, 2 Magic Watering Pots, and 2 EphemeralNFTs. Get your shovels and start digging.

Tip: Don't just solve it, do what it says.

Begin Your Epic Journey.

The Secret World is an immersive web-based game where adventure, strategy, and NFT communities intersect.

Dragon Locked

Explore and Unlock

A richly detailed virtual world called Verdanth, filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered.


Earn Seeds

Our in-game currency - by engaging in a dynamic economy through our marketplace, harvesting, and quests.

Inter Community

Bring Your Community

Join us this quest to create unforgettable experiences and build a vibrant community of communities with other projects.

There's room for Everyone!

Unlock Unique Benefits for Your NFT Project

Grab as Much as You can from our Basket of Prizes

Get Exclusive Access with Member Community's NFTs

Custom Community Garden

Your NFT holders gain access to a unique Garden where they can plant and grow their NFTs, unlocking special features and rewards.

Community Panel

Manage your Garden with a dedicated panel that allows you to add raffles, events, and other community activities, enhancing engagement and participation.

Shared Success

As our player base grows, so does the exposure and reach of your project. We grow bigger together, creating a thriving ecosystem.

Collect Seed Tokens

Immerse yourself in the lore by planting your NFT and accumulate our unique in-game currency - Seeds.

Reap Massive Rewards

Participate in daily and weekly contests, complete in-game missions and buy raffle tickets to win huge prizes.

Connect with fellow Degens

Community is at the heart of The Secret World, so we invite you to join a passionate group of explorers and creators in Verdanth..

Collect Ephemeral NFTs

Claim one or more of our free EphemeralThe Secret World NFTs and get limited-time access to the Vanishing Glade.

Unlock Residual Earnings

Put some of our in-game characters to work and let them harvest your Seeds everyday on your behalf.

Expand Your Portfolio

Own one or more of our Member Community's NFTs and not just add to your bag, but gain access to their gardens.

Latest News and Events

Found in places unclean, Grime and dirt are easily seen. Cling to surfaces, dark and mean, A sight that makes you want to intervene. Touch me one, two, six times. And these won't be just rhymes.
Congress is Voting.
The first congress of Verdanth, made up of the top players, fastest risers, and other key position holders, are in the process of choosing the next feature to be released in The Secret World game.
Ephemeral NFTs Launched.
A completely FREE NFT called The Ephemeral has been released by the team. This gives any interest person or community, the opportunity to dive into the enchanting world of Verdanth for a limited time only.
New Community Joins Verdanth.
The MasterCats have become the newest members of The Secret World. Claiming their own community land - Whiskers Willow and giving all their holders the chance to plant (soft-stake) their NFTs to earn $seeds and play the game.